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Tansi (hello), my name is Angie. Maarsii (thank you) so much for stopping by! Read More
Tansi (hello), my name is Angie. Maarsii (thank you) so much for stopping by! This store features authentic Indigenous art, created by me, a Métis Artist, and my design and marketing firm, Saltmedia. There are three reasons why I started this store. Read More

Indigenous Moose Ceramic Mug


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Whether we’re watching a moose walk slowly through a field or thanking them for all their gifts after a hunt, moose are always valued. Take this moose with you to start your morning right or wind down with a hot drink at the end of the day, and draw strength from his resilience and natural beauty. 


Design by Métis artist Angie Saltman. 


This 11 oz Moose mug has a scratch-resistant ceramic finish and is ideal for any beverage. The easy-grip handle makes for a smooth drinking experience.    

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Proudly Métis owned

We are grateful to the Elders and Knowledge Keepers who are with us today, and those who’ve gone before us.

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