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Tansi (hello), my name is Angie. Maarsii (thank you) so much for stopping by! Read More
Tansi (hello), my name is Angie. Maarsii (thank you) so much for stopping by! This store features authentic Indigenous art, created by me, a Métis Artist, and my design and marketing firm, Saltmedia. There are three reasons why I started this store. Read More

White Beaded Flower Velveteen Blanket - Purple Background


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This cozy velveteen blanket features a mesmerizing pattern of Indigenous-designed beaded white flowers meticulously laid out across a serene sky-blue background. Each flower symbolizes purity, peace, and connection to the earth. The flowers offer a sense of harmony and tranquillity, making the blanket not only a beautiful piece of home decor but also a place of calm in your daily life. 

The deep purple backdrop, reminiscent of the night sky, adds a layer of richness and depth to the design, inviting a sense of mystery and introspection.  

Please note: Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3" shorter than their listed size. 

  • 100% Polyester 

  • One-sided print

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Proudly Métis owned

We are grateful to the Elders and Knowledge Keepers who are with us today, and those who’ve gone before us.

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